Daily Verse

“…an adulteress will prey upon his precious life. Can a man take fire to his bosom, And his clothes not be burned?…So is he who goes in to his neighbor’s wife; Whoever touches her shall not be innocent.” – PROVERBS 6:26-27, 29


Whoever believes that it is alright to have a quick fling or a one-night stand is a fool. You are playing with fire. Do you not know what will happen when you play with fire? You will be torched and left with third degree burns (Prov 6:27); life will certainly not be the same again after that extremely painful ordeal. You will be subject to the awful consequences of your own actions (James 1:14-15). Therefore if you are married, be careful not to allow any spark of lust to develop between you and working partners whom you work closely with
(Prov 6:32-35; Titus 2:12).