“I will use justice as a plumb line and righteousness as a plummet.”
Isaiah 28:17 (NEB)


The author saw a vision of a golden, shining line dropped from heaven into the midst of the earth in 1999. The NEW American Standard Bible expresses the plumb line as ‘the measuring line.’ When inquiring about this glorious golden line, the Lord replies, “It’s My plumb line. From now onwards, I will measure everything in the earth by My plumb line. Nothing shall escape the inspection of My standard of holiness.”

The coming decades will be times of great alignment, regulation and calibration. The great indicators of sifting, shifting and shaking shall shaped the coming apostolic changes. The Church shall undergo radical and transformational changes. The landscape of the future shall be altered significantly.

The heavenly plumb line shall see the conformity of the patterns and plans of God be adhered to in the earth. Heaven shall find her full expression on the earth. The plans of men shall be lay aside to make way for the implementation of the divine blueprint on the earth. The plans of Ishmaels shall make way for God’s Isaacs. For God is the chief architect, builder and planner of the earth. (Hebrews 11:10) Our value system and perspective of life including the metrology of working principles will undergo reformational changes. The vessels liken unto the fearless prophetic ministry of john the Baptist shall boldly come in the Spirit Elijah to declare and decree forth these changes. These winds of changes are the divine agenda of the last days!

The architectural and civil engineering profession knew that the plumb line comes from a wooden tripod with a vertical line hanging downwards by a lead weight. Therefore, a plumb line is a straight line. The walls of a building must be built according to the specification of the plumb line. Otherwise, the walls that are built will surely be crooked. The building inspectors checked these walls with the plumb line to ensure everything is correct. “I will take the line and plummet of justice to check the foundation wall you built.” (Isaiah 28:17, LB) Spiritually, a crooked line represented wickedness and sinfulness while a straight line denotes uprightness and holiness. “Lead me, Lord, in thy righteousness, because my enemies are on the watch; give me a straight path to follow.” (Psalm 5:8, NEB)

The plumb line is a sign of a forewarning of soon coming judgement. The plumb line always precede judgement. Hence, through the revelation of this golden line’s vision, intuitively, the author knew that global shakings are coming to the earth soon. The foretelling of Judah’s destruction in this prophecy: “I will mark down every stone of Jerusalem with the plumb line of Samaria and the plummet of the house of Ahab; I will wipe away Jerusalem as when a man wipe his plate and turns it upside down, and I will cast off what is left of my people, my own possession, and hand them over to their enemies. They shall be plundered and fall a prey to all enemies.” (2 Kings 21:13-14, NEB) Observe the prophecy of judgement by Amos, “This was what the lord showed me: there was a man standing by a wall with a plumb line in his hand. The Lord said to me, “What do you see, Amos?” ‘A plumb-line’, I answered, and the Lord said, ‘I am setting a plumb-line to the heart of my people Israel; never again will I pass them by. The hill shrines of Isaac shall be desolated and the sanctuaries of Israel laid waste; I will rise, sword in hand, against the house of Jeroboam.” (Amos 7:7-9, NEB)