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Favour Series (Chinese New Year Message 2004) (9 CDs)
The Favourable Year of The Lord 主賜恩惠的一年
The Year of Fatness 肥沃的一年
The Tabernacle Race 帳幕的競賽
Fertilizing the Fields of Fulfilment 澆灌許成就的田地
The Season of Divine Uplifting

Chinese New Year Service 2003, Taiwan (6 CDs)
My Wonderful Rewards 我完美的獎賞
The Splendour of the Secrecy 他同在祕訣的光輝
10 Benefits of Joyful Laughter 喜樂的十個益處

Gleaning Through Matthew – Hupago, Taiwan (12 CDs)
The True Position of Spiritual Authority
The Origin & Offspring of Hupago
The Worship of Hupago
The Timing & The Word of Hupago
Revelation Directed Hupago
The Rod of Hupago

Economy Seminar 2003 - Part 1, Taiwan (8 CDs)
Kingdom Finance Management 神國理財

Sowing Prophetically in the Season of God 關鍵時刻的愛心奉獻
Prayerful Planning in all Affairs of Life 生命中禱告的計劃
The Key to Living the Best in This Life 活出生命極值的祕訣
Overcoming Setbacks in Life 生命中的功課

Economy Seminar 2003 - Part 2, Taiwan (12 CDs)
The Seeds of a Tithe
Overcoming Financial Bondage of Debt
The 14 Causes of Poverty
The Priority of Stewardship
Something Greater Than Blessings
The 12 Paradigm Shift That is Coming To The Business World

Reaping God’s Wisdom in Financial Breakthrough, Singapore (5 CDs)
The Seeds of a Tithe
The Richness of God’s Blessings
The 21 Blessings of a Tither
Words of Honey, Word of Milk
The High Priest of Our Fruit Offering

Thanksgiving Conference 2002, USA Chicago (6 CDs)
Arise! & Seek The Face of God
Arise! & Soar on The Wings of Prayer
Arise! Let us Worship the Lord

New York, USA December 2002
Preparation of the Arrows of the Mighty Man
The Principle & Power of Praise
A Glimpse of Intimacy at the Cross

Life in the Depth Conference 2003, USA New York (6 CDs)
The Crucial Needs of This Present Age of the 21 st Century
The Supreme Reality
The Wells of Yeshuwah

The Splendours of the King’s Table Series (2 CDs)
In The Book of Kings of Solomon
In The Book of Ruth Luke 15

The Parable of a Soggy Clay (2 CDs) (C/E)

Western Canada Prayer Retreat 1999
How To Pay The Price of Revival
How To Seek The Presence of God

Watch Night Service 2001, Taiwan
Synchronizing into the Divine Favor of God

Chinese New Year Service 2002, Taiwan
Your Past is not Your Future 讓你的過去離開你
Blessing unto Blessing 蒙福的確據

Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore
我的天生的眼睛 (Chinese only)
行在神的光中 (Chinese only)

The Life of Hannah Series
The Crisis of Life (1A)
The Crisis of Life (1B)
The Metamorphosis of Life (2)
Perfect Peace (3) Shiloh (4)
Gold Within Bethany (5)
A.S.K (6)

Bible Character – John the Baptist Series
Locusts and Honey (1)
The Fruits of the Spirit in Every Books in N.T. (2)
The Burning Candle (3)

The Wisdom Series
The Wisdom of the Ants (1)
The Wisdom of the Spider (2)
The Wisdom of the Lion (3)
The Wisdom of the Eagle (4)

Overcoming Sins Series
Temperance Versus Lasciviousness (1)
Amalakites and Moabites (2)

The Favour of God Series
The Two Dimensions of Favour (1)
The Covenant Favour (2)

The Logos Series
Root Life (1)
When the Word has no Place in You (2)
When Wisdom Enters Our Hearts (3)
The Realm of Abundance (4)
The Pillar of Patience (5)
The Dangers of Refusing God’s Grace (6)
Spiritual Work-Out (7)
The Formula Q-Quickening (8)

The Inner Life Series
The Bread of His Presence (1)
The Two Levels of Transformation (2)
The Unveiled Face (3)
The Cherubim of Glory (4)
The Faces of Cherubim (5)
The Experience of Moses (6)
The Wooden Cross (7)
The Barbecue Pit (8)

Sydney Prayer Summit Series
The Heartbeat of Prayer (1)
The Principle of Calling (2)
The Process of Prayer (3)
The Three Peaks of Singing (4)
The Ultimate of Prayer (5)
The Seven Ways of Proseuche (6A)
The Seven Ways of Proseuche (6B)

The Great Awakening Series
The Seven Dwellings of God (1)
Two Realms of Prayer (2)
Sanctification in the Spirit (3)
Communions of the Holy Spirit (4)
The Bethany of Experience (5)
The Face of God (6)

Pearls of the Gospel Series
A New Death (1)
The Lame takes the Prey (2)
The Predestination of Holiness (3)
The Grace of Holiness (4)
Our Priestly Birthright (5)
A Perfect Offering (6)

How to Hear from God Series
Listening to the Inward Voice (1)
Journalling (2)
Sensitivity to the Inward Witness (3)
Sharpen our Sensitivity (4)
Yielding to the Inward Vision (5)
Developing Vision (workshop) (6)

Theme of The Year 2000 Series
Psalm 115 (1)
Psalm 115 (2)

How to Discern God’s Will Series
The Secret of Guidance (1)
The Flow of Nahal (2)
The Walk of Nahag (3)
The Steps of Faith (4)

Prayer Series
The Secret Chamber (1)
The Living Word (2)
The Ultimate Purpose of Prayer (3)
The Position of Prayer (4)
The Three-fold Lessons of Prayer (5)

Individual Title
The Splendour of the Secrecy of His Presence
The Sweetness of Davidic Thirst & Hunger after God
Worship Symposium Day 1 - Sister Evie
Worship Symposium Day 2 - Sister Evie
The Wonders of His Marvelous Love
Safety in the Stormy Day
The Stronghold of our Refuge
Halak with God
Worship Retreat 2005- Kiss The Son (2 CDs)
Fertilizing The Fields of Fulfilment (Prophetic Word for 2004)
The Year of Dashan (The Year of Fatness)
The Season of Divine Uplifting (Part 1)
The Season of Divine Uplifting (Part 2)
Worship Retreat 2004 - Beholding The Glory Of His Son (2 CDs)
Discovering The Glory of God In The End-Times (Day 1) (Rev. Charlie Robinson)
Discovering The Glory of God In The End-Times (Day 2) (Rev. Charlie Robinson)
All Things Are Made New (Prophetic Word for 2005)
God Wants Your Ears The Hand of the Lord Prayer
True Wisdom in Handing God’s Prophecy
A Glimpse of Intimacy at the Cross
Only You, Jesus (A Glimpse of Intimacy at the Cross Pt 2)
How to Cultivate a Hearing Heart
The Illuminating Lamp
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
God is Building an Army
Wisdom in Hours of Temptation
The Golden Line is Here
Four Testimonies of Hell
Ministering Angels My Body,
His Life Perfect Entrance into His Presence
Prerequisite of Soul Saving
Jehovah Shamar – The Lord Thy Watchman (Protection & Preservation)
The Secret of Prayer
Breakthrough in Prayer
The Price of Intimacy Spiritual
Investment for Spiritual Growth
The Art of Worship
A Glimpse into a Model of Apostolic Penetration
The Dream of Abimelech
Pressing into the Divine
Paying the Price for Prize of His Presence
The Practicality of Taking Off Your Shoes (2 CDs)
Fanning the Flames of Fervent Prayer
How to let God Intervene in Your Situation


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