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Julius Suubi

Julius Suubi is the founder of Highway of Holiness Ministries International, a ministry on the forefront of prayer revival and community transformation in Kenya. His burden is to bring the nations back to God. His ministry runs a 24/7 prayer tower in the heart of Nairobi city where intercession for nations takes place. Prayer revival, falling in love with God, healing and deliverance take place during his ministry.

Apostle Suubi's desire is to reach the world through travailing prayers and bringing about community transformation. He moves in a tangible prophetic and apostolic mandate by bringing the church back to repentance and holiness. He has spent considerable time traveling and teaching at large churches, particularly in Malaysia, but also other nations.

Apostle Suubi believes that the future belongs to the intercessors and was instrumental in the strategic birthing of the Canberra House of Prayer for All Nations in Australia's Capital in 2010. Moreover, his personal prayer ministry is clothed in wisdom and insight as he ministers into broken peoples lives, who then experience the deep healing power of God and gain hope for daily living.

Founder/President - Highway of Holiness Ministries International
Dr. Jedidiah Tham

With a burden for enduring revival, Dr. Jedidiah strongly exhorts all believers to hunger for a deeper level of righteousness and holiness. His desire is to see the consecration of the Cross and the intimate yearning for Christ in the lives of all saints. As such, he bears a two-fold mandate: To build strong spiritual foundations among believers by the pursuit of a strong inner life; and to impart life-changing breakthroughs through bold but incisive teachings. By means of prophetic discourses and revelatory expositions, Jedidiah has challenged many hearts to ignite a holy passion in “loving His word and living His life.”

Ever since the divine whisper of Rom 8:19 was breathed upon his soul, Dr Jedidiah  was entrusted with the stewardship of the calling to be a revivalist to the nations. The mandate given to raise up the latter day Enoch generation in training disciples to engage in revelatory wisdom to walk in dominion power as true sons and daughters of the Kingdom. By His grace, Dr Jedidiah desires to see the Body of Christ walk into the eventual fulfilment of the Bridal calling and experience the greater glory in these  last days.(Ps 25:14; 1 Cor 2:9-12; 2 Cor 3:18;Rev 11:15; Rev 12:11)

Founder/President - Living Lilies
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