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Conference Emphasis

The era of Habakkuk 2:14 is now advancing rapidly. It will usher us into a decade of greater glory symbolised by the Hebrew alphabet Peh (2020-2029).

The flood tides of His glory, revelations and power will fill the whole earth. This is the kingdom of God: the Heart of God the Father be made known unto His Covenant people and that they be consummated in their walk with Him!

The Isaiah 60 phenomena is rising in the Kingdom of God. The ascended life shall see the demonstrations of the dominion and power here on the earth! This is the crowning year of the roars of the Lion of Judah and the victorious glory of His crowns and mantles!

A new awakening had dawned upon us: Arise and shine in your Sonship in Christ and walk in the dominion of kings and queens on the earth! Decree Thy Kingdom Come this day!

Conference details will be avavilable soon.

For more information, please write to email@livinglilies.org

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