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Rev Bobby Conner


For almost five decades, Bobby Conner has been ministering around the world as a seasoned prophet of God. Bobby is uniquely anointed with a profound, passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a fervent desire to discern and herald God’s voice to prepare the Lamb’s Bride to establish the Kingdom of God. Specifically, Bobby is called to sound the alarm and awaken the warriors to arise and contend for the true faith.

Bobby’s prophetic words—life-changing encouragement and exhortation for individuals, churches, regions and nations—are documented world-over for their precision, accuracy, humor and transformational power. Supernatural demonstrations of the miraculous, including physical and emotional healings, deliverances, signs and wonders, follow Bobby’s prophetic ministry wherever he goes, revealing the loving heart of our Father God, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, and establishing believers in their destiny, gifting’s and identity.

Founder/President - Eagles View Ministries
Rev Gary Oates

During thirty years of pastoral ministry, Gary and Kathi Oates have planted five churches. However, their lives and ministry were dramatically redirected several years ago when, in separate experiences, both Gary and Kathi were caught up into the Presence of the Lord and began seeing the ministry of angels in the realm of the spirit. Following those experiences, they were launched into worldwide itinerate ministry with an overwhelming abundance of supernatural results.

The focus of Gary’s ministry is intimacy with Jesus, how to experience the manifest presence of God, impartation to see in the spiritual realm, as well as healing for the whole person.

Together, Gary and Kathi are bringing an exciting wealth of ministry experience and supernatural wonder to the body of Christ around the world.

Founder/President - Gary Oates Ministries
Pastor Nany Susanty

Ps Nany Susanty was born in Jepara  (Mid Java) lives in Cirebon with her daughter, son in law and her grand daughter : Sophia, Fredy and Quinn Mikayla. She graduated from Law School and Public Notary School in Pajajaran University Bandung.

She became a public Notary in Cirebon and the Lord entrusted her in a interdenominational Christian Fellowship known as Ecclesia Christian Fellowship. Ecclesia started in 1978 in her own home and by the grace of God now having own building (Gratia Building) which can accomodate 2000 people.  God also enlarged the ministry by adding a Christian Radio Station called Suara Gratia and became a blessing for the city of Cirebon and surrounding area. On 2012 a new Christian School called Terang Bangsa started in the ministry to reach out Children for Christ. This Terang Bangsa Christian School serving the Community from Pra-play group up to High School level.  As A passionate and prophetic intercessor cum watchman, she desired to bring His people to an intimate fellowship and deep encounters with the Lord Jesus.

Founder/President - Ecclesia Christian Fellowship
Pastor Jamie Galloway


Pastor Jamie Galloway carries a revival message that imparts a lifestyle of the supernatural. After receiving a powerful encounter with God, Jamie Galloway immediately began an incredible journey into the supernatural. During this time, God began using Jamie in some very unusual ways while giving him a love for the word of God, and a rich level of communion with Jesus.

He ministers, speaking nationally and internationally and is currently involved in various media projects that highlight the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit. Jamie and his wife, Emily Elizabeth, desire the Kingdom of God to be the influence of this generation and those to come. Together, they are the Senior Pastors of East Gate Church with locations in the greater Philadelphia region.

Founder - Jamie Galloway Ministries
Revivalist Sammy Robinson

Sammy Robinson is a young man with a passion to see this generation raised up to the fullness of their potential in God. As a revivalist with Revival Canada Christian Ministries, Sammy has travelled extensively to many nations of the world bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to many people groups. Along with his dad, Charlie Robinson, Sammy has seen God move in mighty power all around the globe. He moves in a powerful prophetic and healing anointing and has seen many unusual demonstrations of the glory of God in various places.

Founder/President - Voice of Revival
Revivalist Charlie Robinson

Charlie Robinson is a Canadian revivalist who releases the glory of God wherever he goes. Charlie ministers in a unique prophetic anointing and always brings fresh testimonies of the miracle working power of God in the earth today. He is president of Revival Canada Christian Ministries and hosts Canadian Oil Conferences across Canada. His life is a testimony to the mighty working of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

Founder/President - Revival Canada Christian Ministries
Dr. Jedidiah Tham

With a burden for enduring revival, Dr. Jedidiah strongly exhorts all believers to hunger for a deeper level of righteousness and holiness. His desire is to see the consecration of the Cross and the intimate yearning for Christ in the lives of all saints. As such, he bears a two-fold mandate: To build strong spiritual foundations among believers by the pursuit of a strong inner life; and to impart life-changing breakthroughs through bold but incisive teachings. By means of prophetic discourses and revelatory expositions, Jedidiah has challenged many hearts to ignite a holy passion in “loving His word and living His life.”

Ever since the divine whisper of Rom 8:19 was breathed upon his soul, Dr Jedidiah  was entrusted with the stewardship of the calling to be a revivalist to the nations. The mandate given to raise up the latter day Enoch generation in training disciples to engage in revelatory wisdom to walk in dominion power as true sons and daughters of the Kingdom. By His grace, Dr Jedidiah desires to see the Body of Christ walk into the eventual fulfilment of the Bridal calling and experience the greater glory in these  last days.(Ps 25:14; 1 Cor 2:9-12; 2 Cor 3:18;Rev 11:15; Rev 12:11)

Founder/President - Living Lilies

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