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Beauty for Ashes (The Tsunami Aftermath)

The whole world mourned over the recent sudden massive destruction of homes and lives. The once joyful mood associated with the post Christmas and New Year seasons was abruptly disrupted. We either can join the world in grieving over the tragic event that took place or, with some insights, see this tragic occurrence as a major prophetic signpost for the coming activities of heaven upon this earth. Therefore, we ought to be vigilant in prayers and be watchful over the coming activities of “sudden shakings”. Prayer watches for the nations shall sprung up all over the world to create cities of refuge against the fury of the storms of life. There is going to be a major shakings in the coming years that will rip the old wineskins of well-defined traditional Christianity.

The catastrophic event that took place in the Indian Ocean was caused by the shifting of two tectonic plates: one (the India plate) descends and dives under another (the Burmese plate). According to the US geological survey, “the December 26 earthquake occurred as the result of thrust-faulting.” 

The coming years, we shall see a “major shifting” within the arena of Christianity. This coming new season of favor shall witness a major shift in the leaderships of global Christianity, as well as a radical shift in the methodologies and approaches that have been used by the Church at large. In short, just like the seismic movement of the tectonic plates that result in major changes in the natural landscape (or seascape), we are going to see major changes in the entire structure and “landscape” of Christendom. 

The old season shall make way for this new season (of 7 years) of intensified preparation for the Joel’s army. The old guards and fathers of the past movement (Moses) shall descend, and graciously paved the way for the emerging “Joshuas”, to allow the continuity of the move of God on planet earth. The sowing of prayers of the past generations is now ripe for the coming manifestations of the Son of God upon the earth (Rom 8:19).

The epicenter of this recent earthquake occurred at a depth of 30 km below sea level at about 160 km (100 miles) off the western coast of northern Sumatra. The springs of revival of 2005 shall flow initially in a subterranean (hidden) manner, in obscure places that are unnoticed by the causal masses of popular Christianity. The number “30” speaks of maturity. As the revival fires pick up speed and gather momentum (matures), the river of glory will release mighty torrents of glory fires that will trigger a worldwide revival

The underwater seismic activities also caused a huge volume of water to be displaced and be pushed towards the coastal areas of nine nations surrounding the Indian Ocean. (Incidentally, these countries are part of the “10-40 window prayer zone”.) The impact also radiated to the east coast of Africa, about 4,500 km (2,800miles) west of the epicenter. Altogether, 12 nations were affected or felt the effect of this seismic activity, namely Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The shock waves of the earthquake were also felt across the planet; it even reached as far as Oklahoma in America (vertical movements of 0.12inches (3mm) were recorded at 7.36pm, OGS Observatory, Tulsa). The coming tsunami waves of glory and revival fire shall have the same effect as the recent earthquake (in magnitude) – it will reach and touch the entire world.

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab 2:14). 

In particular, the two continents of Africa and Asia shall burn brightly with revival glory. Many mighty men and women of great stature from this part of the world will be raised up in honour, and be anointed for the last days’ ministries.

According to a recent article by the Tsunami Society, the total energy of the tsunami waves is about 5 megatons TNT. This is more than twice the amount of explosive energy used during World War II (including 2 atomic bombs). This will definitely ignite the mighty power of God, producing signs, wonders and miracles on the face of this earth. The coming healing revival is the direct result of the energizing and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The torrential force of the river of glory shall be irresistible and its influence and impact shall reach the ends of the earth. According to the vision of the prophet Percy Collect in the 1970s, he saw the river of life coming from the throne to the New Jerusalem, out of a certain dam-like structure, and was poured ceaselessly into the earth releasing global revivals. Those who resisted the next move of God shall be swept away and those who embraced it shall bring healings to the nations (Ezk 47: 1-12).

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