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A Tale From The Northern Forest

Received from the Lord on 12 April 2003 at 5.45pm

Once in an ancient kingdom, called  'the way of the puritans"  lived a great golden eagle. The habitat of this eagle was in a green lushly magnificent forest. This bird roamed the land inviting other creatures and fouls of the air especially the 'kosher'  birds to join her. They dwelled harmoniously with her in that great fruitful forest.


In the early days of her existence, his bird sang a new song, 'the gospel of the puritans' which brings great joy to the heart of the Creator. But of late, she now sang another song, 'the gospel of babylonian.' On hearing the strange murmurs of her voice brought a sad grief expression on the countenance of her Maker. The sordid feathers and the high look of her countenance signalled that her days are numbered.


For seven decades of recent days, this great eagle had formidable supremacy of the air. Her pride had invited unnecessary dangers. She was unaware of a dark, sinister plot that was looming in the horizon. In the distant land, two great kingdoms, 'the way of the agnostics' and 'the way of the atheism' shall soon challenge her might.

One stormy night before the 10th day, they came from the north and the east. Eight fierce and merciless kings or hunters came on their chariots arrived at the forest. They started to ignite fires by shooting fiery arrows in different sectors of the forest. The fire brought massive, untold irreparable damage to that forest. Tall timbers fallout crushed many creatures within.


The fire forced her to come out of her hideout into the open sky. As she escaped in flight, they managed to shot her. She was badly wounded and escaped to a lonely spot in a secluded mountain. The forest is gone and the bird was no longer in sight. The hunters pitched their tent in the barren ground.

 From that eventful day, the sound of the eagle's song was never heard again from the ancient kingdom, 'the way of the puritans' was now nowhere in sight.


(The symbol of the eagle was given to her in 1782)

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