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- The Memorial Stones of Covenant (Dr. Jedidiah Tham)
- The Compass of Our Lives (Samuel Tham)

Joshua 4:8-9
8 And the children of Israel did so, just as Joshua commanded, and took up twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan, as the Lord had spoken to Joshua, according to the number of the tribes of the children of Israel, and carried them over with them to the place where they lodged, and laid them down there.

9 Then Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of the Jordan, in the place where the feet of the priests who bore the ark of the covenant stood; and they are there to this day.

I saw a visionary impression of stones that formed a stony altar in recollection of 1 Kings 18:30-32 whereby Elijah took 12 stones representing Israel to build an altar before Yahweh (Gen 28:22). God fully remembers the covenant (Ps 111:5, 9). This is a year of altar-building in establishing a strong covenant relationship with God (1 Pet 2:5; Gen 49:24). Every covenant is always accompanied and confirmed by the ritual of the circumcision of the flesh. The second generation led by Joshua was circumcised in Joshua 5 before they are qualify for the goodness of Canaan. Indeed, circumcision is the heart and seal of the new covenant salvation (Rom 2:28, 29). Take time to muse and ponder over Deuteronomy 10:16; 30:6 (Gen 17:11).  Behold, the sword of circumcision is at hand! (Jer 4:4).

Beholding the stony altar, God said: ‘It is the year of renewed covenant.' As our sacrifices of dedication and consecration consumed by the flames of zeal, the aromatic fragrance of devoted love shall reach Heaven (Gen 8:21). The God that answers by fire (1 Kings 18:24) shall send down the glory fires into the earth. God is raising up the Psalms 24:6 generation! A holy generation shall walk in all His ways (Lk 3:8). The fires of holy zeal shall fill the devout hearts (Jn 2:17). The power of His covenant shall quicken the promise of Psalms 138:7-8.

Beloved, it's high time to nurture the bond of First Love (Rev 2:4). Be His friend at this hour! (Jn 15:15) Heaven's Issachar, Daniel and Joseph mantles await God's friends (Ps 25:14). Presently, much revelational manna will be bestowed upon the seeking hearts (Ps 57:3; 43:3). Recently, have you received any special insightful manna for your future? Heaven is giving the invitation of Psalms 90:1-3, to qualify for the blessings of Psalms 90:14-17. The healing bread and providential supplies will be offered from the Divine Hand of Mercy (Mt 15:22, 26-28; Mk 10:47-52). His Eyes are open to the ways of men (Pr 15:3; Jer 16:7). This is a year of reckonings and rewards! (Rev 2:23; 22:12) Hence, it is a year of divine shaking for some and divine elevation for others. Nevertheless, Abba Father God’s gifts of redemption is here! (Ps 111: 9). Let us loose Psalms 107:2 praises daily.

Presently, God intends to make a covenant of peace with His Beloved! (Isa 54:10; Num 25:11-13). At around 10:10pm in prayer with my son Samuel, the inspirational word came forth for the new season, “There will be sweetness and bitterness in this season, but let His sweetness overtake the bitterness of life!” (Jas 3:10-12; Jud 14:14; Ezk 3:3; Ps 119:103). When you face your trials this year, do not get bitter but better as you surrender your woes at His feet. This covenantal peace brings vindications and victories in the season of 5777 (Is 54:13, 14, 17).

It is a glorious year when God will show Himself strong (2 Chron 16:7). His prophetic Word in your life will not be rendered void (Lk 1:72-73). Mercy is the watchword in this hour (Ps 89:28). A new season of exaltation has dawn upon the Body of Christ (Ps 89:24). The River of His enduring mercy will bring forth great Divine manifestations of His Glory (Ps 136:4). Be ready for fresh visitations of the Dayspring from heaven (Lk 1:78).

God is saying Hosea 2:1 now! A great season of restoration is now at hand. The lights of Habakkuk 3:4 is shining from heaven radiating power and revelation. The treasury of revelation is now opened unto His saints. Divine blueprints and strategies for your tomorrows are now readily available! Fresh outpouring of grace and favours are bestowed upon His beloved (Ps 102:13). A great table of overflowing divine goodness is poured out (Ps 23:5). A great year of rejoicing for the greater lights has come to the earth (Ps 89:15). For the distressed, the Almighty God is thy shield! (Dt 33:29) He is thy mighty defence at this hour! (Ps 59:17; 62:7) For the watchman & intercessors, God is thy banner of victory (Ps 60:12). This is a miraculous year of Reset whereby our lives will be realigned and reposition into our assigned destiny (Gen 17). For the faithful, this is the season of Psalms 3:3! Divine uplifting is here! The beloved will go from strength to strength in this opportune season (Ps 84:7). This season shouted forth thy praises to thy Maker: “Your lovingkindness is better than life.” (Ps 63:3). In this prophetic season of 5777, it is imperative to follow the cloud (Num 9:17) and you should see the goodness of the land in the land of the living (Ps 27:13).

Rejoicing in the light of salvation
Dr Jedidiah



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