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- The Memorial Stones of Covenant (Dr. Jedidiah Tham)
- The Compass of Our Lives (Samuel Tham)

While driving down the highway late December this year, I asked the Lord for a word concerning the upcoming year 2017. Sometimes the best place to seek God in the most unexpected of places- be it alone by the sea, by yourself in your bedroom, or cruising along the expressway, just as I was early that morning.

Minutes later, I perceived an image of a compass. It was a regular compass like the ones I had often used in elementary school for science experiments. I was a little startled, and doubtful- why would God impress upon me a seemingly random snapshot of a compass, when what I had asked for was a life-changing insight concerning the year ahead. Tarrying in the Spirit and tongues a little longer, I further perceived that this compass I kept seeing was broken; it had totally lost its ability to point north. Instantaneously the word “Realignment” flashed in my consciousness- and I knew spoke of realignment pertaining to our spiritual walks in the year ahead.


To align, in the Oxford dictionary is to “(be) arranged in a straight line, or in correct relative position”.

It could be dismissed that “realignment” could be another fortune cookie message that we all get when the New Year is just around the corner. After all, that’s the purpose of New Year Resolutions and many a person’s claim of a “New Year, New Me”. Yet I believe that “realignment” is not about pursuing a new gift, nor is it simply about doing things the right way in the coming year.

It is rather an intrinsic  and fundamental recalibration of our spiritual lives in relation to the will of God for our lives.  The scripture that should guide us this year is Isa 30:21.

The beauty and flaw of a compass is like two sides of the same coin; when it is in close proximity to an alternative magnetic field for a prolonged period of time, it will lose its ability to point to the north. This alternative magnetic field can be anything from a car to a stereo speaker lying around the home. Yet the beauty of this is that the same, demagnetized compass which was presumed to be faulty and of no more value can as easily be re-magnetized to serve its original function with the help of a strong, naturally occurring magnetite.

Just like the demagnetized compass, some of us may have felt like we have fallen by the wayside and lost Divine Direction in our lives. Yet the word of the Lord in 2017 is that it is time for us to be to be restored to our former position in the center of His will. We must realize that a compass does not point to the North on its own accord. It simply turns and points in relation to, and under the influence of the greater magnetic field at work. In the same way, we as “compasses in the new year should only point in one true direction: the direction that God has set for us; not the numerous directions that we set for ourselves, or be led astray by other distractions that compete to influence us in a contrary to what God has set out for us.
But how then do we allow ourselves to be fundamentally and intrinsically recalibrated to His divine will?

Amongst others, there are three simple ways to achieve this

  1. Immersing Oneself in the Word and meditation (Josh 1:7-8)
  2. Spending time in Prayer
  3. Most importantly, yielding to the Holy Spirit

This simple yet profound truth must guide us this upcoming year. But where does it guide us to? I believe that our goal for the year 2017 is to befriend and understand the personhood of Jesus. He is our savior, our great high priest, the most Holy Lamb of God. But the daily communion and fellowship of the person of Jesus, the glory of His presence, the beauty of His meekness, to be learn the meaning of sonship and obedience to the will of the Father, from Him who was obedient until the point of death.

So in the year 2017, may we learn to consciously allow ourselves to be realigned to his will, and make it a point to learn about the personhood of Jesus Christ that we may be truly be changed from glory to glory.

Samuel Tham



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