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- Incline Thine Ear to the Dew of Heaven (Dr. Jedidiah Tham)
- 3 Decrees to Trumpet in 2016 (Samuel Tham)

At around 5:30 in the morning of December the 31st, this quickened Word came to me: “I am sending My Winds (Heb 1:7) to My people that they may hear the voice of Heaven (Heb 12:25). In this great season, it is high time for Deuteronomy 32:1, 2 to be made manifest on earth. Whoever hears My words accurately will be greatly rewarded (Mk 4:24; Lk 8:18).”

In this kairos hour, it is critical that the Body of Christ lays hold of the mind of God for this present moment, which is Psalm 16:7. God is releasing His whispers in the secret place in these night seasons. As you learn to practise the truth of Isaiah 30:18 faithfully, you shall hear His voice guiding you (Isa 30:21). The dew of His voice is known as the Word of alignment. Many shall be arrested in the midst of their planning, and redirected away from potentially wrong choices. Whoever is willing to be realigned shall be blessed with the blessing of Psalm 111:9.

In this new season, God shall bring to remembrance Psalm 20:1-2. He will anoint every seeker in his or her prayer closet. God is raising up a new breed of servants (Mt 20:1) who will do only His agenda and who will choose to forsake the plans of men (Acts 4:19-20). They shall walk with great boldness and in great intimacy (Acts 4:13).

In this unique season, God will send the divine rains of increase (Isa 30:22,23) to bless whomsoever will give up the idolatry of his heart. God is breathing fresh zoe upon Psalm 16:8 in this hebraic year of 5776; the zestful energising of the Holy Spirit is upon the secret place of prayer. Our Father God, the Father of lights (Jas 1:17), is releasing unusual grace for an unusual assignment in this season (Ps 16:6). He alone shall grant you the strength you need to run with this new assignment (Ps 119:32).

Many saints will also find access to a great treasury of wisdom and revelation in their times of devotion, that will prepare them for their future (Ps 119:162). The dew of heaven commands His saints to run- and not walk- towards the fulfillment of God's calling on their lives at this hour (Phil 3:12)! Seek His face continually (Ps 105: 4) and His favour shall empower your destiny(Ps 106:4). Amen.



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