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“I know what I’m doing.  I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you and not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11 (Message)

It was the evening on the last day of the year 2014. At 9:51pm in the midst of my watchnight prayer, I saw these 3 alphabets hanging in the air: ‘W, W, W’.  I inquired within my heart, “What is this”?  The spirit of truth quickened it as ‘Wheels, Winds and Wings!’  These 3-fold kingdom purposes are to bring forth the Father’s will upon the earth.

Early November last year, I heard these words, “the wheels are coming!” repeatedly.  I realised that it refers to the wheels of glory coming unto the earth.  The purpose of the coming of the wheels glowing with burning fire is 3-fold: the opening of portals for more supernatural experiences and awesome miracles, the refining of the church through fire and the ushering forth of fiery judgement upon the corrupted system of this world.  These wheels of fires are coming to execute Malachi 3:3 as well as to bring forth the fruits of Hebrews 12:11.  Out of these wheels will come forth the lightning of 2 Samuel 22:15 and Psalm 18:14. It is the spark that will trigger an explosion that will shake the Babylonian System that holds the world in bondage.

The wheels of ascension are coming to bring the saints into the glory world of the Almighty God.  God had implanted heavenly desires deep within the hearts of those who hunger after His presence; the desire to yearn after Colossians 3:1-3.  These fiery chariots of 2 Kings 6:17 are coming to bring supernatural transportation for hungry saints into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. This is indeed a great season to hunger and thirst after supernatural encounters. Abba Father desires to bring His kingdom of heavenly experiences to His people so that they will finally get to see the face of their Maker.

The wheels of advancement are coming to usher in supernatural momentum to things and events for the fulfilment of kingdom purposes.  The rate of fulfilment of Daniel 11:32 shall be quickened.  The volumes of the scrolls released as depicted in Daniel 12:4 shall also increase.  New discoveries, technological innovations and novel inventions will be hastened.  This will be the new market moving trendsetter; the market will shift in the directions of these new discoveries. The secret place shall yield great fruits of creativity and revelation to those who make it their abode. It will prepare them for elevation in life. For these earnest seekers, these wheels will steer the rudder of their life towards the prophetic purposes of God’s kingdom.

The wheels of assignment are coming to the body of Christ. The scroll angels are busy ministering the heavenly blueprints to the hungry saints who are seeking the will of God in prayer. In the new season there will be dispensation of new assignments, missions and ministry responsibilities. These changes and shifting are in line with the new directives from heaven.  These new assignments will bring about elevation and promotions to many servants of God; some will even be placed in positions of prominence because of this.  This shift will bring about a change that will last a decade.

The wind of change is blowing upon the landscape of Christianity.  New changes will bring about new facelifts to the organic growth of Christendom.  The style and function of how the various Christian ministries approach the topic of spirituality will also change in accordance to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. These changes are flowing in line with the seasonal change from the apostolic era to the new Melchizedek order. The Winds of change are also churning up the storms of adversity that will bring about hardship in the community. (Isaiah 30:20). The pressures of life shall cause the wicked to be winnowed away like chaff. (Psalm 1:4; Isaiah 41:15, 16).

The wind of alignment is stirring up ripples and waves across Christianity; alignments that make room for divine restructuring. The fine-tuning of every facet of our Christian walk will come under close scrutiny and examination. The hands of the Potter will be re-shaping and fashioning new moulds for the vessels of this kingdom. The heavenly plumb line of Amos 7 has come. It has come to measure and examine the foundation of every work of God.  Those who are out of alignment will suffer misfortune and setbacks for quite a number of years ahead.

The wind of acceleration is injecting new momentum into accompanying kingdom purposes.  Saints are going to move forward at a much more rapid pace in their pursuit of Matthew 6:33.  The long-forgotten decrees of the past will find fresh impetus of advancement.  Past prophecies and promises will be quickened and made manifest at this hour. The pace of learning and growing in the supernatural will be greatly accelerated. The world shall soon witness the rising of the new empowerment generation. They will be armed with the prefect will of God and his mighty glory to impact the world.

The wind of breakthrough is going to give a new lease of life to the body of Christ.  Broken dreams and hopes will find restoration and recovery.  New mantles and anointings are going to be imparted to the believers to facilitate their breakthrough process.  What was once impossible in the last season will become successful in this new season.  Victory to overcome virtually impossible challenges will be the one of the distinguishing hallmarks of this period.  The God of David of 2 Samuel 5:20 Baal Perazim, the God of the breakthrough will breathe fresh strength upon the overcomers to do great exploits for the kingdom.

The wings of glory will be putting the Father’s seal on this new decade.  It will be a decade of great glory.  Heaven shall invade the earth in a great avalanche of glory.  The flood tide of glory is going to be unstoppable and the earth shall behold the fulfilment of Habakkuk 2:14. The manifestation of glory will be the watch word of this new season. The divine will of Hosea 14:5 is coming to refresh the saints and the glory cloud shall hover over the gathering of the assemblies who hunger after His glory. It will also be the other hallmark that sets this new decade of glory awakening apart from previous decades. The watchers and living creatures are all in preparation for the awesome manifestation of Abba Father during this new season.

The wings of angels will be on new assignments at this Kairos hour.  The angelic realm is buzzing with activity during this season to assist and enforce the decrees of heaven.  New angels and higher ranking angels never seen on this Earth before are about to emerge over the horizon.  These beings shall bring forth an increase of glory, victories and breakthroughs to the body of Christ.  These enforcer angels are pushing back the forces of darkness and open a window of grace; an opportunity for the kingdom of heaven to shine with the radiance of Isaiah 60:1.

The wings of favour will display the sweetness of the Father’s love.  Showers of blessings will bring flourishing bliss to the endeavours of the saints.  Hope shall be revived and dreams shall be resurrected.  By the empowerment of divine favours, the church shall advance forward by great leaps and bounds.  The eye of the Lord is opening new doors of opportunity unto His beloved people. The sweet fruit of Psalm 1:3 will be dispensing the goodness of the Spirit of the Lord.

The wings of intimacy shall visit the sanctuary of Matthew 6:6.  The secret place shall be enshrined with the glory of His mighty presence.  The Holy Spirit will be placing wings upon the arms of prayer which will empower His saints to soar into this world of glory. Those who submit themselves in total humility and surrender their will in complete obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit will begin to deepen their intimacy with the Holy Spirit. This will cause the Spirit of the living God to descend and hover over them lives like a gentle dove. This overshadowing of the Holy Spirit will then cause the birthing forth of a new alpha beginning in the lives of their souls igniting forth new destinies in God. God will pour forth His grace upon Zechariah 12:10 and the zeal for prayer shall be birthed forth in His saints.  Out of 1 Thessalonian 5:17 shall be the womb for the delivery of great passionate intimacy for the bridegroom of Christ. The divine breath is now upon 1 Corinthians 14:15 and Ephesians 6:18. Matthew 6:6 shall be the kairos realm of divine quickening and bliss for the saints. The Hebrew season of 5775 will be a magnificent season of great favour (Acts 4:33). It will be a wondrous season marked with triumphant victories and those who are aligned with God’s masterplan will enjoy a great harvest of the divine treasury of goodness.



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