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- Highway 811 (Dr. Jedidiah Tham)
- The Priesthood is on Fire (Dr. Jedidiah Tham)
- God is Looking for Vessels of Honor (Prophet Samuel Tham)

On 5th Nov, 2013 at 5:49pm in the evening, I saw a vision of a highway. Immediately, a flash thought intuitively illuminated the scripture of Isaiah 35:8: the divine highway of His Kingdom. As I advanced forward along the road past the sign-post with a number “5” [Hebrew year 5774], I saw something burning ahead. I thought it was a burning bush but on closer inspection, the image before me took me by surprise. It was a large burning fiery torch instead, radiating with the glory of His love (Hosea 2:19-23). Indeed, it is the divine season of sovereign grace whereby the loving God is seeking His people.

I knew then in this coming new season, the burning torch of His living fire is coming to His house to re-ignite the Songs of Solomon 8:6. This divine torch of burning love is igniting fresh baptism of love for heart to heart intimacy encounters (2 Cor 3:16-18). God is doing a deep work of renewal in the hearts of His people (Rev 3:16-20).

This flame of living love (Ps 84:11; God is the sun) shall re-ignite the reality of Genesis 15:17 for the blessing of the renewal of the covenant. It shall catalyse the manifestation of the fruits of re-dedication of our first love (Rev 2:4) for Jesus and His kingdom afresh.

When we cry out for the baptism of His love (Ps 51:10-12) via the fire of Matthew 3:11, that fire shall burn away all the dross of the flesh and bring about a clear separation of the chaff from the wheat. We shall major on the major theme of this season – the renewal of our first love. The birthing of Matthew 3:11 through prayer shall bring forth the divine purpose of 2014: the bestowal of the gift of Romans 8:11. The inscription of Romans 8:11 is sealed upon the fiery torch. There shall be a season of rebirth – the resurrection of Revelation2:4. His resurrection life and power shall renew the souls of His saints. Arise and shine for His divine glory is coming upon you – His burning torch of Romans 8:11: a new season of fresh divine quickening of spiritual awakening shall come upon your walk and services of God. Hence, when we begin to walk upon the holy highway 811 basking in the intimate presence of the Holy Spirit, we shall experience the burning fiery torch of the Lord. With our heart ablaze with burning love, walking upon the highway 811, we shall come into harmonious agreement with the perfect will of heaven, pressing for kingdom alignment with His divine purposes for our destiny (Matthew 6:10) Amen.



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