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- God is Looking for Vessels of Honor (Prophet Samuel Tham)

By Prophet Samuel Tham

Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.
- 2 Tim 2:21 (ESV)


Introduction to the Word for 2014

The first word I perceived in my spirit was the word “door”, and pressing in I felt the words “year of the open door” being impressed upon my spirit. I asked the Lord further, and I picked up another word- “renew” and I instantly felt that it concerned the renewal of the flame of our first love for God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Following that, I heard a scripture being spoken into my spirit. It was that of Nahum 3, verses 5 and 7 and I was led to look it up.


Nahum’s Prophecy Concerning Nineveh

“I am against you,” declares the Lord Almighty.
    “I will lift your skirts over your face.
I will show the nations your nakedness
    and the kingdoms your shame.

All who see you will flee from you and say,
    ‘Nineveh is in ruins—who will mourn for her?’
    Where can I find anyone to comfort you?”

This was the prophecy of Nahum to the city of Nineveh. But fear not, this scripture is here but for a key illustration and is not the full word for the year 2014.

It is important to realise that the prophecy of the prophet Nahum concerning Nineveh came 150 years later after Jonah was sent the city, which was the capital of Assyria during that time. In other words, this city had been warned to abstain from their wickedness and turn back to God; they did, just that over 1 ½ centuries later, they had completely forgotten God’s word to them through his servant Jonah.


The First Door: Door of Renewal

There are two key gleanings from this. Firstly, in the year 2014, the door to repentance has been opened unto us in this coming year. Just as the prophets Nahum and Jonah called the city of Nineveh to repentance for their sins, God is calling us to enter a phase of repentance in this new year for areas in our life that has not been pleasing to him.

It is also crucial to realise the meanings behind the names of the prophets whom God had sent to the city of Nineveh. The name Jonah means dove, while the name Nahum means comforter. And our precious Holy Spirit is indeed the great Comforter and the gentle Dove of God- in this year of 2014, let us hold fast onto the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide us and lead us through the door of renewal of our spiritual lives.


The Second Door: Door of the Consecration
through the Pathway of Holiness

The year 2014 will be a year where we turn back to the Lord, leading a life of sanctification in great fear of Him. The choice to lead a life of separation and consecration in His presence will empower us along the pathway of holiness and to step through the door of the secret place. The Lord’s greatest desire for His Body in this present hour is to be set apart for Him and Him alone. This door of the secret place is also the door of consecration; only when we set our minds only on the things above, will the door to a deeper walk of our spiritual lives be opened unto us.

Holiness and purity is going to be the pressing call for this year and there are two key reasons for us to return to a life of consecration.

First, the Bible says in Hebrew 12:14 that we must “(Pursue) holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord”. In other words, if we want to fulfill this year’s promise - to be renewed in our spiritual walk and to boldly accept the invitation to step through the open door to a deeper spiritual walk of intimacy as priests before the Lord - we must embrace a life of holiness.

Beyond this, holiness is important because it is going to be a year where we will pick up on past promises that Lord has given us, and past instructions that He has breathed upon us, but which we have conveniently ignored and forgotten. Remember that Nahum was the second prophet God sent to Nineveh. Similarly, God is bringing into remembrance certain words that He has spoken into your life, be it promises He has given to you through His servants in years past that has now lay dormant, or tough instructions that you have intentionally ignored and choose to run away from. When we renew our first love for Christ, we must also take hold of His words that has been spoken to us in times past and let them bear fruit in our lives, in the year 2014.


The Third Door: Door of Priesthood opened by the Bronze Laver

The Lord further confirmed His rhema for the year 2014, when I heard the word “laver” being whispered into my ears.

The Bronze Laver, as described in the Temple of Moses in Exodus 30 :18- 20, was placed halfway between the brazen altar and the Holy Place. It was a place where the priests, and the priests only, would wash themselves before offering up the sacrifices in the Holy Place. This laver is again symbolic of the need for holiness, where we too will need to spend time to cleanse ourself of worldly pursuits and impurities.

While the laver in the Old Testament involved the priests physically washing themselves clean with water, for us as believers today, we need to purify our hearts and minds with the water of His Word (Eph 5: 26).  It is tantamount that we dilligently harken unto these call for sanctification and purify, lest we repeat the mistake that Nadab and Abihu committed, in offering “profane sacrifice” to the Lord and who consequently perished in His presence. (Lev 10: 1-3)

In the year 2014, there is a heightened call for us to pursue holiness through an immense amount of spending time in The Word, to purify our hearts and minds. And when the gentle Dove of the Holy Spirit breathes illumination upon His Word, its becomes the Bronze Laver that will purify us for priestly service.


Moulding of Priest-like Behavior

The last aspect of this prophetic word concerns the inner life of us believers as we pursue the ministry of Priesthood in the year 2014.

While the priests in the Old Testament were only limited to the Levis, today, we are all the priests and our lives and actions form the altar upon which we offer up incense to the Lord God Almighty (Jer 23:11, 24:7). As priests of our own lives, we must ensure that the doors to the tabernacle of our hearts, where we offer up the incenses of sacrifice must be pure and pleasing to the Lord. (Heb 13:18)

Indeed, there is no higher calling than to work fastidiously on refining our inner life and there is no greater sacrifice that than the sacrifice of an acceptable testimony of our lives to glorify the Lord. (Mic 6:7-8)

 “Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” - Rom 12 :1 (NASB)

This season harks a call to to enter a life of sacrifice that is yielded to God’s plans, and which declares not my will but Thine be done! (Mt 26: 39)

These are the three key forms of offerings (Mal 1:11) that we must offer to God as believe on a daily basis:

  1. The Offering of Praise  (Heb 13: 15)
  2. The Offering of Thanksgiving
  3. The Offering of Holiness

When the gentle Dove descends as Holy Fire upon our offerings, this holy fragrance will become the aroma of the priests as living proof that they have been standing and abiding in the courts of the Lord. The Lord is extending an invitation to us to enter His courts today. (Ps 100:4 ; Ps 92: 13)

May you keep to these words in the year 2014 (Heb 10:23) and lead a life of fragrant holiness pleasing and acceptable to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



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