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- Prophetic Scroll of 2013 by Dr. Jedidiah Tham
- Prophetic Glimpses for 2013 by Dr. Jedidiah Tham
This article is updated in the night hour of 19 Jan 2013

The intuitive impression on the watch-night season was the phrase “7:3”, God showed me the figure of the ratio 7:3. The spiritual “weather” forecast for the whole earth will be 7:3.  The goodness of His mercy triumphs over evil (James 2:13).  The Lord highlighted Psalm 73, particularly v.1-3 and 25-28 (7 verses).

According to verse 1, God continues to cover the land of Israel with divine protection for the rock of her strength and refuge is in God (Ps 62:7).

According to verse 2, a prophetic warning is issued to the Body of Christ to tread carefully for it is a year of caution.  Many shall make foolish mistakes and witnessed their downfall.  A great need to prayerfully discern the snares and plots of the enemy who ever seek mischief upon our lives.

According to verse 3, the prosperity of the wicked will continue to flourish especially in technological advancements.  The number 3 indicative of 3 regions: Asia, Africa and South America.

The words of Roman 3:23 kept rotating in my mind expressing that the economies of the western countries reflect the truth.  Optimism will “fall short” of great expectation.  The malaise of weaknesses still prevailed in the west.

The number 7 indicative of the seven spirit of God actively at work on the earth (Isa 11:2; Rev 4:5; 5:6; 2 Chr 16:9) and the manifestation of the 3 evils: Divisions, disasters and disturbances of domestic affairs (the dirt of seduction).

According to verse 25-28, this year is the season of spiritual momentum and breakthroughs.  It is the year of intensified spirituality.  The saints will make quantum leaps on the secret place of prayer closet (Ps 84:7-12).  The God of the secret place shall invade Psalm 91:1.  There is great glory in the secret place!

Evil influences prevailing this year:

  1. Year of strife and sabotage.  Beware of hostile gossips and backbiting.  The betrayal of Judas is creeping in the dark.
  2. Year of much illicit affairs.  Flee youthful lusts and immoral temptations that develop into extra marital affairs.
  3. Year of suicidal tendencies.
  4. Year of depression sickness.
  5. Year of falling stars.
  6. Year of natural disasters: flood, fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption including viral attacks.
  7.  Year of unforeseen accidents.

Good influences prevailing this year

  1. The power and might of praise and prayer. The trumpet call at this hour is the mighty intercession of Ephesians 6:18.
  2. The arrows of deliverance of Luke 4:18, setting the captives free.
  3. Year of refreshing renewal.  The mandate of Luke 5:38 and Isa 40:31 are here.
  4. Year of grace and favour upon the saints.
  5. Year of more scrolls of destiny released.
  6. Year of more mantles, particularly governmental mantles released.
  7. Year of increased measure of angelic activation particularly the high ranking angels.


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