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Prophetic Glimpses for 2013
By Dr Jedidiah Tham

A flash of an animal skin vision came before me, intuitively it points to Luke 5:36-39. Indeed, a new year of greater emphasis on this Kingdom agenda: renewing the wineskin of our spiritual life. The year 5773 will be a year of renewed spirituality hungering after God, whereby the deep calleth unto the deep. (Ps. 42:7)

Then I heard a soft screeching sound of a door being opened up. The glory within radiates outwardly the brilliant lights. The door of the closet chambers (Mt. 6:6) are now opened inviting His saints to abide and tabernacled within (S.S. 3:4). It’s a year of the priesthood.

Swiftly, a great eagle (Ex. 19:4) descends to lift up His people into the nest of Isaiah 40:31. The critical season of deep renewal has dawned upon the body of Christ. You shall gain new strength and new wings of praises and prayer to soar into the heavenly realms of God. A new mindset will emerge, embracing a new level of Christ-consciousness. (Col. 3:1-4)

A pruning knife appears called Colossian 3:5 shall circumcise the foreskins of the minds and hearts of her people (Josh. 5:7). They shall let loosed of the old garments of the flesh and put on the new garments of righteousness and holiness (Eph. 4:23-24). The highway of Isaiah 35:8 shall be the way of the Kingdom again.

In the inner eyes, 3 cloaks float or hang in the spiritual world appears. It was the mantle of burning fire; the mantle of many eyes and a white mantle. In this season, the church needs to seek God afresh for the mantle of burning fire yearning after personal revival and holiness. The mantle of many eyes shall be the portion of those desiring greatly after discernment, prudence and wisdom (Phil. 1:9, Col. 1:9-14). This cloak enables them to discover divine strategies and avoid the hidden snares of the enemy. The white mantle of humility (1 Pet. 5:5) shall bring great blessedness and bliss. This garment qualifies His saints for sozo grace and redeeming favors as well as reaping a harvest of holiness (Jas. 4:6; Rom. 6:22). The fingers of God (Lk. 11:20) shall write His fear (Heb 10:16) within the chambers of our hearts liken unto the action of John 8:8.

I kept hearing ‘Angels, Angels, Angels’ many times in the night season. I saw an increase traffic of angelic activities in this new season. Many principal and archangels are in operation. The scroll angels are distributing the scroll of Psalm 90:1 to the churches. Many covenanted eyes shall turn unto the Lord (Ps. 123:1-2). Then the Lord Himself be their mighty covering in this season (Ps. 125:2). The golden scepter of the king shall be pointed towards His people bestowing  new favors and honours for mighty advancement and exploits in the kingdom (Joel 2:13; Dan. 11:32).



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