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Dr Jedidiah’s revelation concerning 2013

The emblem of the year 5773 (Ayin Gimel) is the discerning camel. Just as this hardy creature endures the harshest of environments, the believer will have to embrace ‘camel-like’ resilience and discerning prospective (Ps. 73:17-19) to overcome the distress of volatile economic doldrums in the year ahead.

The prophetic highlight of this year is the callous knees of the camel, which represents the kairos season of prayer. The divine quickening of heaven has now ushered the resounding trumpet call for earnest prayer and corporate intercession.

The Holy Spirit is breathing Zoe upon Isaiah 56: 7, for prayer is the heaven’s present strategy to combat negativity and foster focus for aligning our decisions in the right direction. The priestly devotion of prayer shall clothe the Church with wisdom for strategic success this year. Those who are mighty in praises should be mighty on this earth (Ps. 8:1-6).

Whoever makes room for Zech. 12:10 shall find Sozo grace (redeeming favour) and overcoming strength for this hour. By the might of this grace, one shall experience the honey of Zech. 4: 7, thereby reigning in life as kings and queens in Christ Jesus our Lord.



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