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My son, prophet Samuel’s revelation concerning 2012.
Dec 18 2011, 9:15 a.m. (GMT 8+)

The first image that I saw when I waited upon the Lord was the image of a sword and the words that I heard was “casting plans asunder”. It was a year, I felt that the plans of man would often be frustrated even though people expect their plans to succeed. Pressing in further, the Lord revealed that the image of the sword also represented the division and sifting of the intent of men, that the Lord’s sword would also be active to ascertain the thoughts and intents of men. (Heb 4:12; Lk 2:35)  

The next words that I head was “strategic repositioning”. I felt that the year was one that served as a key transition face for a next phase in the years to come. The Lord confirmed by showing me of a closing window, which represented that this was the final stage before a closing window of time an opportunity to determine the future of the next few years.
(Gen 7:16)

The Lord then revealed yet another image of diverging paths, which in my spirit I believe represented the notion of having to be “strategically repositioned”, and the need for discernment, because one would need to pray for the Lord to give insight to determine what would be the choices that they make for the year ahead. (Pro 3: 5-7) Planning, and not blindly running forward will be what determines the success we see this year. (Pro 16: 1-3, 9)  

Throughout the vision I had perceived dark clouds all around, and immediately I felt that it was indeed a year of reverent fear of the Lord (not fear from the devil, but fear of the Lord). This was because this would be a watershed year that changes in the personal life would be made, for divine realignment. (Pro 19: 20 -23) One would thus maintain the reverent fear, so that the enemy would not be allowed to either lead him astray from the right path, or that there be an opening for the enemy to frustrate his plans. (Pro 16 : 16-20) An instant thought flashed through my mind when I was receiving this revelation; there was a need for the tithes and offerings to be respected, so that the Lord can step in to prevent your vine from “bearing forth fruit before its season” (Mal 3:11).

I then saw what appeared as a Ship cutting through the waters. The Lord then spoke into my heart that throughout the days to come, though the ship we are on might be battered by storms, what was ultimately important was to remember that it would be only for a season. The scripture Ps 56:3 just flashed across my mind, and the word “peace” was repeated multiple times. I knew that though the year wasn’t going to be smooth, the Lord wanted the peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding to rule in our hearts and minds. That would be a crucial key that would be needed to keep our hearts, minds and actions in the following year. (Phi 4: 6-9)

But what was the personal keys for the new year, I asked the Lord. Two keys- patience, and discernment, which was to be achieved by diligent waiting upon the Lord in the night season. It was the year of the closet, which one would hide in his closet to receive direction from the Lord, insight from the Most High. This would be the master-key, the blueprint for one to achieve both success in the career, as well as deeper growth in our Lord.

 Interestingly the creature that I felt to represent this year was a serpent, which I believe represented the wisdom of the serpent, which Jesus talked about when he said in Matt 10:16, where he admonished the disciples to be ‘wise as serpents, and harmless as doves’. In addition to that, the image of the serpent’s tongue was strongly impressed upon me. I picked up that having discernment of the tongue, through the words that we speak with others was extremely important. (Pro 16: 21-24)

 So in this year to come, through the time we spend in the closet seeking the will of God, may the peace of God rule in hearts, the wisdom of the Almighty guide our affairs, and may 2012 be the year of divine realignment for the days to come.



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