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The Aristocracy of Heaven

“It is not how many years we live, but rather what we do with them”
Evangeline Cory Booth

In the distant land of the East, an insignificant saint passed through the portal into the porch of heaven. An angel standing besides him exclaimed, “There are many degrees of glory and many levels of honour here. There are great ones as well as the least ones. How you lived your life on earth will determine your eternal status and glory in heaven. Those who are the closest to the Lamb have paid the price.”
“What price?” he inquired.

“Those who rid of the folly of loving themselves by not living for themselves but for the Lord. Those who also purge the dross of sins out of their soul and seek the way of love.”

“Those who command themselves, command others.”
William Hazlitt

“There are thrones prepared for the faithful overcomers in every generation. Those who attained the humility and the likeness of their God will be worthy to sit with the Lamb. The highest throne is reserved for the one who possess the greatest humility. For Humility is the highest rank of honour in heaven.”

“Character in a saint means the disposition of Jesus Christ persistently manifested.” 
Oswald Chambers

Once a saintly minister was taken to heaven and Christ took him to the hall of fame. There were many pillar columns there. Each of those huge pillars were designated an epithet. One of those titles was ‘evangelism’ and he looked up to find the name of Billy Graham was at the top of the lists soul-winners. “Son, your name is over that pillar.” It was the pillar of compassion. The man looked and looked again and again but could not find his name inscribe there, “Lord, my name is not there.”

“Son, look again!” To his utter amazement, he found his name right at the top of the list. (For he kept looking downward in search of his name. Indeed, his actions reveal the humble condition of his heart.)

“He walks with God, for he lives like Christ.”
Erwin W. Lutzer

Introspection: “When God appraises man, He puts the measuring tape around his heart – not his head.”
Living Lilies

[Appraises means to measure and judge the quality or the worth of a person or thing.]
[Aristocracy means nobility of the upper class; a privileged ruling class; the elevated social status of the privileged group.]

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