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Spiritual Timing

We are now living under a season of change, a transitional period from one era to another. Christians of today need to learn how to live and move in the timing of God during this critical moment. There has been an divine acceleration in the realm of the Spirit nowadays as time is indeed running very short. Before the herald of His coming is heard throughout the land, we need to know the urgency in fulfilling God's plan for our lives. The key to redeem the time is to acquire the wisdom of God in regards to the present situation. This will indeed be a good source of dependence upon God to live a fruitful life while on the earth.

The William's translation of the Bible says, "You must be very careful how you live your life, not thoughtlessly." and, as according to Johnson's translation, "Structure your time productively." (Eph 5:15-16). This shows that it is needful for us to walk 'circumspectly' or more precisely 'accurately'. Hence, there is a need for us to amend our lives, to take each step of existence thoughtfully and prayerfully. Keep God's vision clearly before us. Never let the plans and purposes of God be smeared with the dirt that comes from our own fanciful ideas.

So how do we develop the skill of discernment within us towards the timing of God? The Hebrew word for walk (Eph 5) refers to the word 'Halak', meaning to be habitually conversant. The best way to accomplish this is to pray in the Spirit. Doing this will help to build up this spiritual sensitivity, a prerequisite for discernment. As your ears become more tuned to His voice, you will receive revelation and wisdom from Him to redeem the time. By maintaining a Spirit-filled life through a strong devotional lifestyle, you can be wise and sensitive to the things of God. Just as Elijah knew the plans of God via the voice of God, we need to set aside quality time to bear from the lips of our Master.

 One reason why we must be sensitive to the timing of God is because the time is coming where the thrust and heartbeat of evangelism will take on a brand new perspective. It shall be that which contains the prophetic element in the essence of Spirit-led evangelism. The life of our Lord, as mentioned in John 4 and Philip in Samaria in Acts 8 are good examples.

 This generation is the final witness of this very hour. The Commission is our job's description from the Lord. He has given us everything that is necessary to get the job done. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to analyse every world crisis and make it fit into the end-time prophesy, we should see it from another viewpoint. We ought to see all these drastic happenings as God 's divine door of opportunities. For instance, the destruction of Berlin Wall together with the momentous turn of events in Eastern Europe should be welcomed and grabbed as golden opportunities to spread the gospel in these once forbidden zones. There have already been a major influx of foreign missionaries and ministers of God into these countries. Many of God's people from all round the world jumped at this once in a life's time chances to plunder hell for the glory of God! As a result, thousands of people were saved and added onto the Church of Jesus Christ, thus expansion of the body of Christ. Whenever end-time events occur, they will always open a door of opportunity. We are not called to sit back and relax in our cosy house of comfort, neither are we meant simply for the warming up of pews, but rather to do something about soul winning. The believer must see world events as opening to do the works of spreading the gospel. The next major issue in Asia will be the gospel invasion of Mainland China - the world's most populous nations. More than 1 billion souls are awaiting the coming of the great harvest. Remember, evangelism is the offspring of the local Church whose heart has been revived. Unless we are reawaken and come to the realization that there is an impending need for us to go forth, we will never spread our nets wider or throw it further to catch hold of this loss and dying humanity.

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