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Sounding of The Trumpets

Reflecting back the many fleeting moments of last year convinced me of the fact that there was a season of change, which took place. It was a period that saw the opening up of many doors for ministerial opportunities in favour of numerous servants of God. The dawning of this New Year will bring about another fresh new dimension of grace and blessings for the body of Christ. As I pondered over this issue and about the end-times, the Lord enlightened me in regards to the move of the Spirit through the parable of the ten virgins.

The Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matt. 25 opens with the word "then". Hence it connects itself with those preceding verses which deal with events that will occur at the time of Christ's return. The epilogue itself concerns the virgins of a bridal party whom upon taking their lamps, went forth to meet the bridegroom. The bridegroom in this context speaks plainly of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also know that according to scriptural symbolism, the number ten signifies completeness. Thus the ten virgins represent the complete happenings (universal church), which will come to pass at the very coming of our Lord.

Basically, there are four methods of approach towards the interpretation of the Bible. They are:-

Historical Interpretation

Literal Interpretation

Figurative Interpretation

Prophetic Interpretation

For this instance, the prophetic approach will be employed. Verse 1 to 10 of Matt. 25 represents the summation of the works of God in the Twentieth century. The opening verse of this chapter indicates the church of Jesus Christ (1900-1950's) walking in the fear of God (as the number of ten denotes the ten commandments). The servants of God during this period preached more about the pure love for Jesus as well as on our Lord's second coming. 

Next the second verse typifies the Charismatic Era of the 1960's. The Spirit of God during those days brought in the work of renewal among His people. Many coming from different Christian heritage and background were being touched by this new move. 

As we come to the third verse, take note that the scripture first mention the lamp before the subject of the oil. This therefore is a clear indication of the prophetic scenario of the 1970's where the Word Movement was ushered in. There was an added emphasis on the importance of life principles based on the word of God. Divine alignments " of daily lifestyles by putting God's word as first place and utmost priority were inculcated among many believers. 

In the subsequent verse, the subject progression takes on another perspective. This time the theme of the subject becomes the oil. Its place of prominence exemplifies the decade of the 1980's that described the era of the Prophetic Dimension. 

The succeeding verse from 5 to 9 illustrate the conditions of the late 1990's while verse 10 highlights the glorious event of the coming rapture. The alarming state as indicates in verse 5 shows a vivid illustration of believers being caught in a slumbering posture. Sleep in this case implies inactivity. It also describes the loss of sensitivity towards the urgency of this coming rapture that ought to be prevailing among the lives of believers. Likewise, Paul the Apostle urged us to be vigilant in the Spirit (1 Thess 5:6).

In conclusion, what should be the prophetic emphasis of this last decade? The answer lies within verse 6! The cry, as mention in verse 6, represents the awakening of the Church to her ultimate destiny. The content of the cry will be likened unto the sounding of the trumpets to turn our focus towards the second coming of the Lord. This is the last preparation (midnight hour) for the church as the Bride of Christ. Christians should arise in the beauty of holiness (as depicted by the trimming of the lamp) to be the wise virgins. The wise virgins will be a group of people who are walking constantly in the fear of the Lord (Job 28:28). The Church shall then be strong and glorious as she is equipped with the Word and the Spirit (lamp and oil), bearing the maturity (spiritual growth) in the image of Christ (as the children of the Light in the darkness of the world). She will be ready and fully prepared in prayer (shinning lamp golden lampstand), awaiting the coming of the Bridegroom (1 Thess 3:10-13). A rippling effect of divine initiation will thereupon take place to move us out of the house (Church) into this dark, cheerless world. Evangelism will henceforth take on a new emphasis. Although all this might be a far cry from where the church is now, but if we were to change and walk as the Spirit of God is leading us, we shall achieved our highest call --- to be His Bride. Just as there are five wise virgins who are ready, the grace of God (as represented by number 5) will be available for whosoever is willing.

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