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Arise and Shine! O Daughters of Zion

The third millennium has dawned upon us. With the dawning is the beginning of a significant new day for women, in the kingdom of God!

Significantly, the first convert that shook a community for God, was a Samaritan woman during Jesus’ day.

In 1998, during the 23rd World Convention by End-time Handmaidens and Servants, in Dallas, Texas, while I was preaching, the word of the Lord was released, that God is going to pour out grace and favor upon the women, and they shall be elevated and put into their rightful place in the ministry within the Body of Christ. Indeed, I agree with what Rev. Chuck Pierce said, “I believe Almighty God will do incredible things in and through the female gender during the next decade. And when He does, society better watch out. A spiritual awakening is on the way!”

It is high time for God’s women to arise and shine—not only at home but in the church. We must encourage women to rise above man’s tradition, narrow mindedness and prejudices to fulfill God’s best and callings for their lives. Dr T. L. Osborne once said, “If it is wrong for women who are concerned about lost souls to preach the gospel and to get people saved and healed and blessed, then let them do it anyway, and let God lay their sins to my charge.” He further adds, “I do not believe that God will be angry with any woman for doing what God told all believers to do..., or doing anything a woman is inspired or led of God to do in private or public ministry.”

Throughout the centuries, women have been found to have a greater emotional capacity than men to be great lovers of God. When the Samaritan woman in the gospel of St John found the seventh man—the perfect lover and husband, she found new liberty and mission in life. Every woman who passionately embarked on a true path of intimacy with Christ, their gifts and ministries shall find ample rooms of expressions and manifestations. One such woman in this century is Dr. Gwen Shaw, founder and president of End-time Handmaidens and Servants, who ministered in over 100 nations of the world.

Recently, during a women’s fellowship, the Forerunners, the Lord quickened the understanding of Gen 2:18: “I will make him [Adam] an help-meet for him.” Herein lies God’s original plan and ordained purpose for women. The primary Hebrew meaning of the word “help-meet”, AZAR AZAR which means ‘to surround with help or assistance’. The two-fold repetition of AZAR implies, ‘to continually surround’. The word ‘surround’ used in modern connotation is the same way the surround stereo sound that emanates from a hifi loudspeakers ‘surround’ the entire room.

The word AZAR also means ‘helper’: “Hear, O Lord, and have mercy on me; Lord be my helper!” (Ps 30:10). Every wife is the greatest supporter and helper of her own husband and men needs to know this vital truth. Ps 128:3, “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house.” The word ‘sides” in the original, yerekah means the ‘borders, coast or sides’. She is liken unto a vine that twines around the sides or walls of the house (life) of her husband. She is the hedge of protection over her husband. Before satan could get him, he must attack the first line of defense—her. The word ‘AZAR’ literally means ‘as before him’. She is the praying wife and praying mother that surround her family with a protective shield and blood covering through her fervent prayers. No divorced or wayward child shall be found in the domain of a praying family.

The Samaritan woman left her waterpot at the well (Jn 4:28), for she has no need of it anymore as she drank deeply from the living foundation of life, Jesus Himself. She no longer was bound by her thirsting lust after her secret lovers—adulterous relationship with men. The abandoned waterpot signify her deliverance from the evil sexual bondage of her flesh (1 Jn 3:8).

Since childhood days, she had been drinking from Jacob’s well. The source of that water supply comes from Mount Ebal. Mount Ebal in Moses’ day was symbolic of curses as a result of willful disobedience to the known will and laws of God (Dt 27:13). The repeated curse of unhappy, broken relationship and rejection by her lover was the ‘bitter water’ she drank all her life. The reversal of the curses was broken as she found her own well of salvation, with the living spring nourishing her from within. O, the well within the soul of a Christian will never run dry (Ps 63: 1-8)!

Often, the Samaritan woman came at noon to draw water to avoid the stares and gossips of the women. She knew nobody would come at such a hot hour of the day to draw water. She behaved sheepishly and timidly because of her shameful past. After her dramatic encounter with Christ, she demonstrated an extraordinary boldness to share her new faith with the men in the city. In her former manner of life, she used to draw men to herself, but now she drew men to Christ.

In the original Hebrew of Ps 68:11, “Great was the company of women publishers, or women evangelists.” Indeed, she was recognized by Bible scholars to be the first successful evangelist of the New Testament age. Her boldness exemplify the spiritual quality described in Ps 68:11, “The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host.” (NASB). The Hebrew word for “host” is tsaba or sabaoth, which denotes a military group that is always victorious. She has no fear of her former enemies and lovers. The people believed her testimony. She took the spoils—lost souls out of the hands of the enemy. She scored a personal victory over her shameful past. “He will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea (Mic 7:19). Through the blood of Jesus, our past should never be a stumbling block or hindrance that will stop us from becoming who we are in Christ Jesus.

When she acknowledged Christ as her true Messiah, she willingly submit her life to God. The word ‘submission’ which has two parts, ‘sub’ and ‘mission’ means “to get under the mission of another”. “There is such blessedness in submission to God. Her “bruised” and shattered self-image was transformed by the power of Christ’s compassionate love. Second Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.” If God made new creatures, do you suppose He made any unworthy new creatures? Do you suppose He made any rotten new creatures? Let’s look at a new-born baby in the family. If he is a new creature, he doesn’t have a past. How can an infant have a past? A new creature doesn’t have a past. You can’t live in the past. If you’re a new creature in Christ, you don’t have a past. For your old, sinful past has been washed away!

The renowned Kathryn Kuhlman, the healing evangelist, overcame her past (wrong relationship with her “mister”) in 1944 in Los Angele,s and so she came out of her “wilderness” and moved forward into the “promised land” of her real ministry in 1946. From then on, she was never intimidated by her past. She walked in the newness of life in Christ Jesus. Sister, don’t draw back, but dare to believe that God has a great purpose in raising an end-time mighty army of handmaidens to serve God in this generation (Jer 29:11). Truly, you are now His chosen one! For “you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (1 Pet 2:9). So come out of your own darkness (dark past) and shine for Jesus today!

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