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There's A Miracle In Your Mouth


Reigning in life as king can be sum up in one statement: You can choose the kind of harvest (density) today by the seed of your mouth (Dt 30:11-15) He does it with words.  The miracle of it all is that we are to create with our words too!  Not only is there a miracle in God’s mouth but there is a miracle in your mouth as well!

God’s promises are infallible – there is no margin of error.   Although God is sovereign, He never does anything outside His word.  By covenant, He chose to be bound by His word.  The almighty God has limited Himself inside the boundary of His word!  Surely God watches over it to perform it. (Jer 1:12)

The experience of a miracle begin with a seed.  Don’t just read the Bible casually.  Begin to ‘feed’ upon the written word of God aggressively.  Let the word grow in you.  Be totally saturated by His promises.  Diligently meditate upon them day and night.  Slowly yet surely you will notice something happen inwardly.  The internal word of God will begin to come forth your mouth.  Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.”  (Mt 12:34)  In other words, whatever is planted in your heart will come forth.  If negative words, fear & doubt are in your heart, then wrong seeds will grow a bad harvest.  The power to produce a good harvest is already inherent in the seed of God's Word. The generative power is already in your hand.  So fixed your faith upon His unshakeable, unmoveable eternal word for a good harvest.

You must triumph over every battle of faith.  Realign your thinking with God’s word.  Shut your ears to those doubting lies of the enemy.  Refuse to believe with circumstance of your life.  Don’t even listen to the fleeting feeling of your heart.  Think scripturally: Is God greater than the circumstance in your life.  God is the alpha and the omega.  His living and written word is the final word – the final authority.  What God said is forever settled in heaven.  There is no room for debate or argument.

Thinking faith thoughts and speaking faith words will bring you to the mountain – top of victory.  The day of miracle is not past.  It is in your mouth today.  Elisha once spoke the word of God to the hostile population of Samaria and a miracle take place (2 Kings 7).  Start attacking your problem by declaring His words and you will find yourself beginning each new day expecting a rhythmic miraculous living


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