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The Force of Faith


Friends, have faith in your own prayers. Do you sincerely believe what you say in prayer? Practice praying believable prayers. God possess the force of faith because He believes that what He says is going to happen. We should too. The process of faith is simple. Align yourself with God’s word and purpose before you pray anything. Then your heart, mind and mouth will be in one accord with the Spirit and Word of God. Determined to develop a habit of speaking faith words in your prayer.

The mountain-moving faith comes from hearing God. Believe every written word is the voice of God. This bible is the heavenly voice of God. You can’t hear from heaven if you takes His word lightly. Friends, don’t be a theologian, be a believer today. Say aloud, I believe what Jesus says I can do! When  you embrace His word wholeheartedly, faith is concealed in your heart. Cast doubt out of the window now.

Revelation is the mother of faith. Faith is activated through the confession of God’s word. Start speaking those words in John 14:12 over your own life and watch the revolutionary changes taking place in your prayer life. Through faith, you shall leap over the hills of doubts and the mountains of fear. Joy is the end-result of knowing that He has answered your prayer even now as you believed His word.


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