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The Essence of Prayer


Earlier we denote prayer as the living word in lips of faith.  It is holding His word before Him in prayer like a mirror.  He sees Himself in His word.  You are asking Him to do what He already intend to do.  Nothing moves God as much as His word.

Prayer can also be viewed as the Father’s invitation to visit with Him.  Jesus said, “I go to my Father.”  Prayer is fulfilling the desire of His heart for He seeks the companionship of His children.  Prayer is simply sons and daughters visiting their Father.  It is children coming joyously into the presence of a loving parent.  Prayer is the Father invitation to the Throne Room of Love, “Pray to the Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” (Matt 6:6).

There will never be any strong faith without a deep and intimate fellowship with the Father.  This is the very heart of a successful prayer life.  Fellowship is the mother of faith.  By spending vital time in fellowship with Him, your faith will begin to grow by leaps and bounds through time.  Jesus possessed great faith for he had a personal vibrant relationship with the Father.

If you truly seeking a breakthrough in prayer aspires to become a lover of God.  Begin each new day with loving God and your life’s experiences shall be as rosy as the Garden of Eden.  Every special favours and pleasant blessings are reserved for those who loved God.  When you win His love, your days of sorrow is over because before you call, He already answers you speedily.  This is the ultimate secret of prayer: the language of prayer is simply the language of love.  Prayer is loving God.


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