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The Circumscribed Narrow Gate


“Enter through the narrow gate, because broad is the gate and spacious is the road, the one that leads away to ruin and everlasting misery. And many there are who are constantly entering through it. Because narrow is the gate and compressed is the road which leads away into the life, and few there are who are finding it.”
Matthew 7:13, 14, (WUEST)

“The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide enough for all the multitudes who choose its easy way.”
Matthew 7:13 (LB)

“Life is a series of solar cycles spaced with sobs, solaces and smiles, with solaces predominating.”
Living Lilies

[‘spaced’: an interval or period of time, often one of specific length]
[‘solaces’: The consolation and comfort in relieving or easing the grief, loneliness, sorrow etc.] [‘solar cycle’: a span of time, possibly 11 years.]

While pondering over the grand issue of crux (essential point of life in 1999, a scripture was highlighted spontaneously in the mind, namely, Matthew 7:14. What an astounding (shocking, amazement) statement, with the word “few” as if jumped out of its page that jolts the soul. It sends shock waves jarring (jerk) the soul. It dawned upon the author that in reality so few would be able to find and experience life. This zoe life is ‘the absolute fullness of life, which belongs to God.’ (Thayes)

Poring over this crucial word ‘few’, the author had another raw awakening. The word ‘many’, pollos means numerous or very great in quantity and the word ‘few’ oligos means small or very few in quantity. The word oligarchy was derived from this word oligis which means only a few persons are elected as the governing body or ruling aristocrat class. This word actually means a figure of less than ten in number. You can count with your fingers of both hands, how many actually tasted the divine life! It is a rare sight to find a man possessing the life of God. Godliness is the hallmark of such a noble, princely life. Void of godliness is a shallow life.

“The best broom is to groom oneself into cleanliness and godliness.”
Living Lilies

“Godliness is the grand offspring and off-shoot of the tree of God-likeness.”
Living Lilies

“Godliness is a life-long business … Godliness and love can make a man, like a bird in a hedge, sing among thorns and briers, and set others a-singing too.”
Charles Spurgeon

Plodding and mulling (deep, deliberate reflections) along this issue of life, what then is the narrow gate? A shaft of light brings forth this illumination: the pattern of the tabernacle of Moses according to John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” The narrow gate leads to life then the experience of life will be found within the confines of the Holy of Holiest compartment. For the way signify the outer court; the truth signify the Holy Place and the life signify the Holy of Holiest. In other word, experientially, life gets narrower as you entered deeper into the tabernacle of meeting.

“The commentary of the deeper life is life gets narrower and narrower as you get deeper and deeper into God.”
Living Lilies

“The purpose of life is not to find your freedom, but your master.”
P. T. Forsyth.

Once travelling on a train, sitting in a cabin, a man asked the late renowned healing evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, “Do you care for a smoke?” He retorted, “Let me first ask my Master for permission.” He went out and came back and replied, “My Jesus said I cannot for my hands and my body belongs to Him.” This is a fine classic illustration of a narrow life living under the Lordship of Christ.

“The Truest liberty lies not in the freedom from sins but the freedom from sin. Sin is the sinister mister called Mr. Self-life.”
Living Lilies

[The plural form of sins denoted the behavioural mannerism or acts of conduct. The singular form of sin denotes the ‘being’ or the nature, the essential inborn character of a person.]


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