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The Modulation of Changes In Life


“The wheels of change goes on, and those supposedly who were up go down and those supposedly who were down go up.”
Living Lilies

“When you’re through tiring, you’re though!”
Living Lilies

[IE (Reconstructed Indo-European base) “tiring: deu: to move forward! : to become weary through exertion.]

“The way to recovery in life is to make discovery out of life.”
Living Lilies

In retrospection of passing years, one could observe that this forthcoming year, 2004 is not going to be drastically different from 2003. In every eventful year, there will be varied momentous opportunities and menacing failures. Life goes on in a circle; there will be seedtime and harvest, summer and winter, cold and heat. There will be sun rise and there will also be sunset. It will get dawn and it will get dust. (Gen 8:22)

“The art of living is dexterity in licking dew off a thorn of rose while enjoying a sniff of its fragrance.”
Living Lilies

If this year’s prospect is probably going to be similar as last year, then how will things change to make head-way (progress) for me? The only redeemable way things are going to change favourably on your behalf is when you change. In short, if you want to have a better year, you must become a better person.

“Life is a beautiful book, but of no profit to him who cannot read it.”
Living Lilies

In accordance to climatology, the winds of life blow upon every place (all of us). Winds of adversity, winds of setbacks, winds of misfortune, winds of distress, winds of promotion, winds of prosperity, winds of favour, winds of success. What we become is ultimately not the outcome of the winds that blow, but of how we have deliberately chosen to set our sail.

“Pessimism sees life as a scorching desert where tears are hung on every catus tree, optimism sees life as a potential goldmine where gold can be found in every vein beneath.”
Living Lilies

“Life is a series of experience, each one of which makes us bigger.”
Henry Ford

“Experience is good if not bought too dear.”

Mankind has its share of woes and misery. Adversity is no respecter of persons. The rich and the poor suffer tragedies. The righteous and the unrighteous face trials of tribulations. In actuality and ultimately, it is not the happenings that determine the outcome of our lives but how we responded to challenges soundly.

“The Christian’s chief occupational hazards are depression and discouragement.”
John R. Scott

“A man is not defeated without but within.”
Living lilies

This new year is not going to be a better year because fortune favours you kindly. It will deems to be a better year because you become a better person. “Happy New Year” means “Happy New You.” The new goal and aspiration in 2004 should be “I am going to become a better person.” The only way to improve the quality of your life is to improve yourself.

“Life is a mission. Every other definition is false, and leads all who accept it astray.”
Guiseppe Mazzini

Develop an upbeat attitude, in a ‘downbeat’ world. In the commentary of life, it is your attitude to life that will determine life’s aroma toward you. Remember, if you cannot see the bright-side, polish the dull side!

This year can be your best year yet, if you determine to be the best you have ever been!

“Choice, not chance, conditions our course (destiny) in life.”
Living Lilies

[Modulation means to measure the shift or range of frequency from one key to another. It also means to regulate, adjust, or adapt to the proper degree. Simply, to gauge a relative change,]



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