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The Forethought of Manifestos of 2004


The Furtherance of grace in my forthcoming year:

In 2004,
Fabulously vitalizing;
Fiercely vigilant;
Forcefully vigorous

In 2004,
Forsake foolishness; Forestall falsehood;
Freeze fearfulness; Forbid fretfulness

In 2004,
Foster hunger; Freshen worship;
Forming prayerfulness; Fortifying Christ-likeness

In 2004,
My territory will be enlarged.
I will wax strong, and grow and go forward and become very zealous.
I will be fruitful, and increase on every side.
I will flourish as the green olive tree in the House of the Lord.

In 2004,
Where others flop, I will flourish.
Where others failing, I will (be) flowering.
Where others break down, I will breakthrough.
Where others retreat, I will go forward.
Where others fatigued, I will (be) in fatness.
Where others fall, I will fly high.
Where others sit back, I will arise.
Where others flounder, I will (be) uplifted like a soaring eagle;
Scaling the fantastic heights of the famous Zion .
Firmly established my fresh footing in His faithful fortress,
Saying farewell to my feeble old palm mediocrity.

In 2004,
I will excel,
Forgetting the past, Faithful to the Beloved,
Follow-through to fulfil my density, Fashioned as a functional behaves,
Following the footsteps of Jesus, Fleeing all evil but Follower of all good.

In finality,
The fashion (current trend) for this year:

“As a forerunner forging forward fluidly and
steadily by fastening to the fountain of living waters.”

(The Keynote alphabet emphasis of the year, ‘F’)

- [Manifesto: a written or verbal declaration of motives, intention and goals of a particular person]
- [Forethoughts: a thinking or planning beforehand; premeditation; foresight or prudent thoughts for the future]
- [Flounder: blunders or frequent mistakes; stumble upon something]
- [Mediocrity: very ordinary or average attainment]
- [Finality: conclusion]
- [Forerunner: messenger announcement in advance]


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