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22 Reasons for Calvary

  1. Unrighteous demands of wicked men  
    Acts 4:27
  2. Self-centered jealousy of religious leaders  
    Matt. 6:5
  3. Wrong perception of naïve crowd
    John 10:33
  4. Eternal damnation of hell 
    Luke 16:24
  5. Evil council of Satan 
    1 Cor. 2:6-8
  6. Good council of Godhead
    Rev. 13:8
  7. Adamic curse of mankind   
    Rom. 5:6
  8. Magnificent revelation of God’s love 
    Rom. 5:8
  9. Healing river of God’s mercy
    John 3:14
  10. Righteous forgiveness of the debt of sin 
    Col. 2:11-14
  11. Compensate sacrifice of suffering redeemer  
    Tit. 2:14
  12. Humble vessel of meekful obedience 
    Phil. 2:8 
  13. Unveiling revelation of the grace of New Covenant  
    Eph. 2:5-8
  14. Eternal defeat of the Satanic kingdom of darkness 
    Col. 2:14-15
  15. Christ as deliverer drawing all men to Himself  
    John 12:32
  16. Christ as Adonai master purchase His possession by His own blood
     Col 1:14  
  17. Christ as heavenly Canaan calling His beloved to be with Him, in paradise
    Luke 23:43
  18. Christ as Shepherd wooing men to His sheepfold
    John 10:9-11
  19. Christ as Son of God intending men to see His glory  
    John 17:24;  11:4, 25
  20. Christ as Bread of Life desiring men to have everlasting life 
    John 6:58           
  21. Christ as peacemaker reconciling all things to God
    Col. 1:20
  22. Christ as final Adam came to fulfill biblical prophesies 
    Heb. 10:7
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